This series came from a need to finalize the work done for my exhibition in Japan. I felt that having being constrained to do small sizes for the space led me to a type of claustrophobia of the surface that I needed to break. And when I came back to the studio from Japan I naturally painted these following works.

Definition of PRAXIS:
What does suggest the concept of Praxis? Part of a theoretical activity or theoretical body. Contains a specific activity. Determines an agent, ie, what works or acts or is in a position to act. Its activity is also its power. The activity shown in the relations between the parts and the whole are the features of a concrete totality. The events are organized and structured as part of a whole or a total process. Praxis is the process. A material on which the artist acts. It can be a physical body, living being, psychic experience, group, relationship or social institution. It involves obtaining a product or result. It intervenes in human activity awareness, as an idea and as a result. It is a conscious act. It is an activity in accordance with purposes and these only exist for man, as a result of his conscience. “In practical activity man discovers the properties of the world, know its laws and uses this knowledge to transform nature and society. As in every stage of history, the practice is limited, changing, for the same reason the criterion of practice is not absolute, in each particular case. ” “The object of practical activity is nature, society or real men. The purpose of this activity is the real transformation, objective, natural or social world to satisfy certain human needs.”

Sizes of these paintings range from 100cm x 100cm to 150cm x 150cm