Yvan Mas has studied human figure with Professor Luc Peltriaux in Toulouse, France. He has also studied engraving techniques with Belgium artist Michel Coeymans.

Y.M. had two artists mentors. One of them, Serna Ramos, was a renowned Spanish painter who he had met as a teen and who was the one who mostly believed in Yvan’s future as a painter. Serna himself has an immense post cubist, surrealist and abstract body of work that few have been lucky to admire. The other important teacher was Sadikaj Avenir, who Yvan had met while in Paris in the 80’s. Avenir was an art historian and had been the Director of the Art School of Tirana, Albania. He introduced Yvan to Johannes Itten’s writings and essays on color. He also taugh Yvan history of art, and introduced him to Ernst Gombrich’s works.

Yvan Mas most important exhibitions have been in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001 and in Tokio, Japan in 2007. He was supported by the Institut Ramon Llull, a cultural center of Barcelona, to exhibit in Tokio. This exhibition had a great success.
He has been represented by the Gallery Delgado in Spain in the recent years.
He has taugh art near Barcelona at Creativa School for 8 years introducing his students to a different approach on color and composition, as well as developing the inner feelings of each student independently.

He is not a prominent writer, mostly dedicated to writing poetry when he does.