Works from 2018


These works are part of a series called «reflections» in which two surfaces are combined, one of them painted on canvas with satured pigment, mat, in which the strengh of color and texture prevail, and another very geometric, clean, reflecting and not emitting color, using stainless steal.

The superposition of the rippled metal plates allows me to also play with the shadows and let the work be able to express itself depending on the light of its surroundings.

This combination of color surfaces with other gray and without color was already the result of a previous research, which was defined in a series that I exhibited in Tokyo called «Praxis». But in this case I overreach and I leave, although by very few centimeters, of the classic plane of the picture.

I call this series “reflections” defined as reflective material, and «reflection» defined as thought.

There is also an intention to use a current element that is not attractive pictorially, stainless steel, which has become a part of our daily life in our consumer society, to integrate it into a pictorial work and give it a beauty that is totally different from the beauty that modern life offers us and our environment of designs manufactured in series.