Artistic approach

Abstraction is a subjective language that fills me emotionally and intellectually. My journey towards abstraction has been made gradually. Until the year 2000 my pictorial research was figurative. I made variations of a single theme, some backlit chairs, then I realized that it was not really the subject that interested me, but the space, the light, and the structure that inhabited the surface of the canvas.

The technique used is the result of several years of experimentation with various resins as binders. I currently use a mixture of marble powder and pigments, which are agglutinated with acrylic resins. Once mixed, I place them in hermetic bottles that form the colors of my palette. I pour the paint on the canvas lying on the floor and paint with brooms and broad brushes.

For my most recent research I incorporate metal surfaces, like collages, which allow me to highlight the painted part and gives it a certain solemnity. I reduce the visual information to amplify its mysticity and give it more strength and timelessness.

My works are meditated. Although the result gives a feeling of great freedom in my way of painting, everything is thought in advance. It is true that, once the parameters of my surface defined, I let myself be carried away in a comfortable musicality of notes that define a harmonic set, or at least that is my purpose.